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Sellzum is an easy-to-use online store creation platform.  Sellzum allows you to create a store-front where you can sell your products and items.  Sellzum is perfect for artists, photographers, and anyone else who needs to sell their stuff.  Sellzum can be used to sell anything (as long as it's legal).  Unlike other sales platforms, we keep it simple and don't charge anything until you make a sale.  It is the seller's responsibility to deliver the goods to the buyer.

At Sellzum, you can protect your content by applying a watermark to your work (which can be enabled or disabled as desired).  You can also drag and drop your products to set the order in which they appear within each product category.  Sell your art, photos, and anything else.  Try us today!

Sellzum Explained

Sellzum Intro Video

A one minute video that introduces and explains the Sellzum Store Platform.

Sellzum Buyer Video

Explains how potential buyers interact with your store.

Sellzum Seller Video

Explains how to create a seller account, create product categories, and sell items using the Sellzum Seller Control Panel.

PayPal Required

In order to sell items on Sellzum and get paid online, a PayPal account is required.  Create your PayPal account today before registering on Sellzum.

Create your own store page absolutely free!

We're proud to offer you a fully functional, free, and easy-to-use platform to get your store running in a few minutes.

For each sale in US dollars, Sellzum charges a 3% commission fee.  For sales in other currencies, the commission fee is 6% instead.  If you don't sell anything, there are no fees.  Create your no risk online store today!

Fees Charged only when an Item Sells

Fee Type Fee Description Fee Percentage
Sellzum Sales Fee Commission fee charged to seller for payments received on sold items. 3% of total sale amount (US dollar transactions only) or
6% of total sale amount (other currencies)
PayPal Fees Fees charged by PayPal Currently 2.9% of the transaction total plus $0.30.
Please see the latest PayPal fee information.

Sellzum charges a commission fee independent from PayPal's fees.  Please keep this in mind when setting your item's price.  Sellzum will invoice sellers for commission fees owed only if the balance due exceeds a certain minimum amount.  Each commission fee invoice shows how the fee is calculated for each sale included in the invoice for your review.

Sellzum Integrates with Existing Websites

If you have your own existing website, Sellzum can integrate with it.  You can embed your product categories on any existing web page or platform helping to further market and sell your items.  Note an existing website is NOT required since Sellzum always provides you with your own store page featuring your products and items.